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With over 14 years experience helping hundreds of expats with their telephone & internet requirements in France we know this market like the back of our hands! Whether you are an relocating permanently to France or a second home owner, check out how we can help below:

Service Availability Check

If you are relocating to or within France one of the first things you’ll want to organise is your telephone and internet connection. Unfortunately determining what services are available can be daunting, particularly if language is a barrier.

We can check what broadband services are available to you and provide practical advice & information on how to go about setting them up. If our searches find that you are in an internet black spot then we can provide practical alternatives in the form of affordable satellite broadband solutions.

Cost Effective Solutions For Your Second Home Or Rental Property.

One of the questions we are asked most frequently is "Can I get a phone and broadband solution that can be switched on & off as needed?". The answer is YES!

No matter where your property is located we can help set up flexible phone & broadband for second homes & holiday homes. These solutions are delivered through satellite broadband either on a Pay As You Go or short term (30 day), flexible contract. Please don't hesitate to contact us without obligation to learn more about how these services could benefit you.

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SPS are totally independant of any supplier. When you deal with us you can be sure that we will offer impartial advice based on your specific circumstances.

No Obligation

What is there to lose?

We provide our initial consultation and advice free of charge & with no obligation to use our services.

Bespoke Services

Tailor made help

We realise that everybody's situation is different. If you have particular requirements or problems the please contact us to see if we can help.